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This extremely lightweight and undemanding to use spreadsheet application is sufficiently functional and able to open, edit, and save colourful spreadsheets. It fully supports csv files too! {Comma Separated Value files}. Perfect for any PC, mobile or tablet device, it loads fast and can be used offline without any internet connection necessary.

Anyone in need of a spreadsheet app is now able to create a financial budget, personal address book, or any type of worksheet in an instant. The spreadsheet application is absolutely cross-platform compatible and only needs a web browser to open. Spreadsheet and table size is 26 columns by 100 rows.

Fully adjustable inside the source code to any size your computer system can handle. With its online and offline capabilities, you don't need to install any software. Use the built-in capabilities of your HTML5 web browser for such things as spell checking, print, print preview, and find functions. All other online text editors and spreadsheet applications are hidden behind login prompts and firewalls with the option of paying for more options and features. Our web based applications are not this restrictive and are completely free.

Our software can be used either online by just navigating to the relevant link, or by simply downloading it from our web site and used offline. Remember to set the downloads option in your web browser to always ask you where to save your documents. If not, then your documents will be saved to your default downloads folder.

Features: - Undo and Redo actions. - Open, edit, and save CSV files. - Print and print preview your document. - Sort column data both ascending and descending. - Designed to be compatible with touch screen devices. - Basic math performance, find MIN, MAX values, SUM, AVG. - Create, open, and edit stand-alone native spreadsheets and CSV data files { csv, bms }

No Java or DotNet required, Green Energy Software. Saving the planet one bit at a time...

SSuite Basic-Math SpreadsheetSSuite Basic-Math Spreadsheet
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Windows, OS X, iOS, Linux, Android, HTML5 Web Browser
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